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Optimizing Battery Life

Dependencies and prerequisites

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For your app to be a good citizen, it should seek to limit its impact on the battery life of its host device. After this class you will be able to build apps that monitor modify their functionality and behavior based on the state of the host device.

By taking steps such as disabling background service updates when you lose connectivity, or reducing the rate of such updates when the battery level is low, you can ensure that the impact of your app on battery life is minimized, without compromising the user experience.


Monitoring the Battery Level and Charging State
Learn how to alter your app's update rate by determining, and monitoring, the current battery level and changes in charging state.
Determining and Monitoring the Docking State and Type
Optimal refresh rates can vary based on how the host device is being used. Learn how to determine, and monitor, the docking state and type of dock being used to affect your app's behavior.
Determining and Monitoring the Connectivity Status
Without Internet connectivity you can't update your app from an online source. Learn how to check the connectivity status to alter your background update rate. You'll also learn to check for Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity before beginning high-bandwidth operations.
Manipulating Broadcast Receivers On Demand
Broadcast receivers that you've declared in the manifest can be toggled at runtime to disable those that aren't necessary due to the current device state. Learn to improve efficiency by toggling and cascading state change receivers and delay actions until the device is in a specific state.